AR emoji® app

The emoji® app was launched in Germany and Belgium. Released on Android and iOS, this app, with multiple games and AR features, raised this supermarket campaign to a higher level.

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1.5 MO

The campaign launched with a lifetime of 1.5 months was supported by various promotions.


More than one million sessions and counting makes the emoji® app a big success!


The emoji® app has been downloaded more than 235 thousand times.

Production of 3D AR and game ready characters for the emoji® app.


The emoji® campaign was launched in Germany and Belgium. For both countries a commercial was shot to raise awareness for the upcoming campaign.

Q&A support

We’ve noticed that in many countries not everyone is familiar with AR. To provide the best AR experience, we’ve shot a video tutorial to help out those who needed a little help.

We've been trusted by

Over the past few years we have worked on several projects together with BoemanFX and I has been an amazing ride!The 3D and AR work they do is of very high quality with great details. When it comes to digital applications they have shown their expertise multiple times which allowed us to showcase this to our customers. In the end their main assets are flexibility and professionality. Always willing to think along to find solutions (24/7 if needed) and taking the next step to make it even better!

Brenda van der Boom
Head of Loyalty Solutions @ Boost Collectibles B.V.

Wow! What a team!Everything I can think up comes to life in a way that is always three times better than I expected.From 3d design, games and animation to websites and visualization, these are always the first guys I call!

Freek de Vrij
Manager Business Development @ Boost Collectibles B.V.

Join the succes of gamification, create your own 3D family and bring them to life in animation, beautiful stills or a great game that supports your business.