Building apps and loyalty solutions

We build visually stunning apps providing loyalty and gaming solutions, specifically designed according to your company’s needs.

Cash Desk game

For several international supermarket chains we created an infinite runner game. Played 9M+ times and counting.

AR emoji® App

For shop activator BOOST we developed an emoji app with game solutions, 3D characters and Augmented Reality functions, launched in Germany, Belgium, Russia and more to come.

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3D Families

For Esselunga we created a 3D family called Super Foodies as part of a shopper activating campaign to create awareness for healthy food.

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A selection of what we do

A selection of the skills we mastered to perfection. A project often is a mix of these skills. We are passionate about applying these skills we’ve already mastered and growing with the continuously changing digital landscape and its requests.
Game Development

Concept Design, UI & UX, mechanics

Character Creation & Animation

2D & 3D multipurpose content


Cross-platform software solutions

Visual effects (VFX)

Creating impossible movie footage

AR/VR Solutions

From ARCore and ARKit to solutions for older devices

Point Cloud

Create a new world of data points in 3d

Layered AR/VR in real spaces

Expand your customer experience with an AR overlay

Sound Design

In-house music and sound effects

3D CAD drawings

Product design and mold ready technical drawings

And much more... Don't hesitate to check
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Customized loyalty software solutions

After creating the digital side of many commercial campaigns, we know what goes into creating a great loyalty solution. So don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the options that are right for you!

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